Christmas Wreath

In this video Elizabeth Johnson of Seedflora Sydney, shares how she makes her Christmas wreath 'Australian Style':


Step 1Purchase a base ring from a craft or hobby store

Step 2 - Tie a ribbon or chord tightly at the centre top of the ring

Step 3 - Grab some leafy pine or similar as your base foliage

Step 4 - Use roll wire to tie the base foliage into place

Step 5 - Keep on going all the way around in creative sections

Step 6 - Find a feature for your wreath – Nuts, pine cones, Lotus pods etc 

Step 7 - Cable tie the feature piece tightly off the centre bottom of the wreath

Step 8 - Figure 8 some ribbon or Chord with 2 tails into the centre top tie


We also wanted to share our 6 Tips on Making a Christmas Wreath:

6 Tips for Making a Christmas Wreath

One of the best ways to get into the Christmas spirit is through the festive decorations. From trees and garlands to figurines and lights, dressing up your home or office is a great way to get everyone into a Yuletide state of mind.

Another quintessential Christmas decoration is the wreath. Often seen hanging on front doors, Christmas wreaths are said to symbolise everlasting life and blessings. Whatever your beliefs, however, it’s undeniable that these decorations can swiftly bring the magic of the season into any space.

You can buy ready-made wreaths online or from various home and decor stores. However, for a truly personalised accessory, it’s a great idea to make your own. It’s easy enough to do, and it could be a fun activity to share with your loved ones as well. Here are some tips to help get you started on your DIY wreath:

Prepare a Sturdy Base

The base is what holds the entire wreath together, so you have to prepare a sturdy one that can hold all the ornaments you place on it. The best ones are made from wire, natural wood, twigs, grapevine or Rattan.

Aside from the base, you’ll also need supplies such as floral wire, tape, twine, and glue. You’ll also need snips and wire cutters, as well as pliers and glue. For hanging your wreath, you can try using a fishing line for a clean, no-show look. You can also use ribbons. Picture hooks and D-rings, on the other hand, are perfect attachment points.

Add Some Scents

Christmas wreaths are primarily visual treats with their different colours and themes, not to mention the creative arrangement of the ornaments. However, you can up the ante by adding some scents for the complete sensorial experience.

Other ways to add scents to your Christmas wreath include using fresh flowers and fragrant leaves. Lavender is a popular choice, as is eucalyptus.

Think Green and Natural

Speaking of lavender and eucalyptus, one theme that’s perfect for Christmas wreaths is nature. This motif is not only eco-friendly, but also easy on the pocket. Flowers could be a great candidates for this project, however they will need to be places in water tubes to survive a week or two. Some of the best greenery and flowers to use on wreaths include, Blue Spruce, Polly Gum, magnolia foliage, Banksia pods, holly, lotus pods, celosia, hydrangea, and lavender. You can also use pinecones, orchids (in water tubes), Christmas baubles , and even Eucalyptus branches. If you want some night time sparkle add some warm gold led wire lights.

Another great thing about this kind of wreath is that they’re not just for Christmas. You can easily keep a wreath made with seashells and driftwood displayed throughout the year, giving your space a personalised touch. Like the one we have photographed here which has been made with a grapevine wreath base, and with conifer or flat pine, woody pear or Xyhomelum Angustifolium Poly Gum and embellished with satin ribbon.

Make It Your Own

When you search on the internet for Christmas wreath design ideas, you’ll see thousands of suggestions for colour schemes, themes, and materials. These are extremely helpful, especially if you haven’t made a wreath on your own before.

However, it’s a good idea to remember that there are actually no rules when it comes to making your Christmas decorations. There are no requirements, aside from the above-mentioned sturdy base and safety considerations. So feel free to add your personal touches, like family pictures or your favourite childhood toys.

Think Beyond the Door

Once you’ve completed your Christmas wreath, it’s time to hang it up. Most people would put it on their front doors for a welcoming touch. However, a door is not the only place you can hang a wreath. You can also put it up on a bare wall, for example, or above the fireplace. If you want, you can even put the wreath on the mantle so you can just lean against the wall instead of hanging.

Christmas wreaths are also perfect window ornaments. Depending on the size of your window or your style preferences, you can choose to hang one big wreath or multiple small wreaths. You can also decorate banisters or stair railings with wreaths. What’s great is that you can do this for both indoor and outdoor banisters or railings. If your house has a gate or a fence, you can also use wreaths to decorate them.

Christmas means a lot of different things to different people. Nevertheless, no matter how you celebrate, you can’t deny that having some decorations can make you feel more festive.

If you’re the type who loves to DIY and loves practical but beautiful decor, then Christmas wreaths are perfect for you. Keep these tips in mind to help you create the best decorations this Yuletide season and beyond.

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