Eduardo's Christmas Tree Story

"Since I can remember, Christmas has always a special time for our family. Creating traditions and memories was something my mother really cherished and she wanted to make sure it was passed on, so it became a part of my life too. Being a creative person I always loved getting the tree prepared and decorated as it transformed the lounge room, and for a few weeks at-least the lounge room had a different feel; not only during the day with that happy tree but even better at night when the lights would transform our usual lounge room into a flashing colour bomb which also lit up Amherst street.

I always remember the decorations were very delicate and super special. Making sure you didn’t break them and carefully securing to the tree was like a right of passage in my family. As my brother was quite a bit older, he had already mastered that responsibility. I would be given the task of preparing the non-breakable satin/silk thread balls, unravelling the lights, and checking and replacing the blown-out bulbs. This wasn’t my favourite task but the rewards were awesome when I got to turn the lights on! As I grew older, like 5 or 6, I remember Mum taking me shopping to buy a few more decorations. For some reason, I was drawn to the gold birds and a fun red felt bird. These later became my decorations and funnily enough, the red bird has survived the ages and is now on my tree with a new host of birds!

Back when I was young we always had the same gold star and Christmas fairy (with a harp) that topped the tree with gold hair strand tinsel, and a nativity set which was the only item under the tree for weeks. Presents would slowly begin to appear but the Christmas Day explosion of gifts was out of control. Santa would have eaten the cookies, and the carrots on the balcony were also munched on ...

Mum loved her Christmas candles too and that is why I was drawn to candles, and creating uniquely Australian candles. So happy to have launched our first Christmas Gift Candle called "All I Want". Mum just loves it.

These traditions and memories are ones that I still hold dear. Today I still get excited when the new decorations arrive in-store and have managed to purchase quite a few from my travels which are a wonderful memory of holidays and distant destinations. So even though the explosion of gifts under the tree might have subsided, putting up the Christmas tree on December 1 is still a tradition not only in our home but also in a number of friends and families homes as it’s a wonderful opportunity to get together get creative, dance, sing and have some fun. It’s all about creating life memories and for me, Christmas is one my favourites.

Merry Christmas to all!
Love Eddie Yacoubian xxx