Enhancing Our Mood Through Scented Candles

Candles have been a source of wonder and magic through the centuries. They have the power to enlighten and enliven, inspire and calm, and are often used make our lives feel extra special.

But is it all about how wonderful they look? Well, certainly they can enhance a room when they look as wonderful as our Oscar Amherst luxury scented candles do especially with the 3 unique artistic designs we have to choose from as they can complement any décor.

However, it is the power of the scent of the candle that really makes the difference to our lives. Aromatherapy can affect our emotions in subtle but powerful ways.

Our olfactory nerve is directly linked to the part of the brain that monitors memories and emotion and scent affects mood, concentration, memory recall and emotion. For many, using scent can reduce anxiety in certain stressful situations. Research shows that there is a significant improvement in mood after being exposed to certain scents.

Here are just some of special ingredients and in Oscar Amherst’s soy-based candles and how these scents can enhance your mood:

Sea Salt, Moreton Bay Fig & Coconut which are the scents in Oscar Amherst’s ‘Balmoral’ candle are selected for their ability to refresh and calm the mind. These scents trigger the relaxing feeling of being at the seaside, bringing back fond memories of sweet holidays and gentle summer breezes.

A relaxed and calm mind then has a better chance of replenishing and rebuilding your focus.

Eucalyptus, Pine, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Rosemary Mint, Pomegranate and Frankincense are the scents in Oscar Amherst’s ‘All I Want’ candle and are selected for the ability stimulate the brain, and to enhance feelings of joy and excitement. A perfect aroma for festive events. Pine is known for having a fresh, uplifting, clarifying, and invigorating effect, clearing the mind of stress, energising the body to reduce fatigue. Nutmeg & Cinnamon are a stimulating scent helpful in supporting motivation and focus. Pomegranate and berries have a calming and grounding effect and ease emotional and mental stress. It will also help you think up positive thoughts.  Eucalyptus has a distinctive aroma which is cooling, and rosemary and mint are used to calm or invigorate, increase concentration, and improve your mood. These scents can rejuvenate your senses and make your brain more active.

Australian cedar, iron bark, rosella flower and Tasmanian pepperberry are ingredients used in Oscar Amherst’s ‘Escarpment’ candle. This distinct and elegant blend of warm spicy, yet sweet and woody aromas, combine to create a sensual feeling. It sparks up the senses while making you feel warm and cosy inside. Like sitting amongst autumn leaves or walking through a rich, dense forest. The cedar and pepper berry with the sweet wild hibiscus or rosella flowers add the uniquely Australian bush aroma which instantly enfolds you, and you can feel your tension ease as you unwind.

Coming up to the festive holiday season is the perfect time to unwind after such a stressful year. We know that these beautiful scents can enrich our lives and after reading about the different scents in the candles mentioned, you can pick the one that resonates with the ideal environment you would prefer to be in this summer break. Is it the sea salt in ‘Balmoral’, the pine in ‘All I Want’ or the iron bark in ‘escarpment’?

Whatever scent you choose, you can be sure it will improve your day, and enhance a positive mood.

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