Let's Get Ready for Christmas!

Christmas is fast approaching! Families and circles of friends start planning as early as October for when and where the Christmas gathering is going to be. If you’re hosting Christmas this year, don't stress, we’ve created a comprehensive list on how to start getting ready for Christmas! Start by lighting your Oscar Amherst Candle, relax and let’s begin:

1 The Gift List

Preparing for Christmas always includes the conversation of who should get a gift, whether it’s for family, friends or in the workplace. Of course, we at Oscar Amherst believe a gift is an awesome way to say 'thank you', 'I love you', 'I am thinking about you' or 'I'm grateful for you'! More often than not, people don't often care about the price of the gift, it’s more the thought that counts.

However budget will often come into the conversation and we believe it's important to stick to your set budget, so you don’t feel super stressed at the other end of Christmas! Last minute shopping can make us buy things in a rushed manner and can become outside of your budget, so start early. Starting with a conversation with others in your family, friends or team, about who will get presents is super important. For example, if it's to do with your family you may all decide to do Kris Kringle this year, or say it's just gifts for the kids. Just make sure you connect to discuss and decide whatever everyone wants to do, and if that is not really possible, then just follow your heart.

2 The Christmas Card

If you are thinking a present is too much, then a card is a wonderful way to say thank you – especially if budget doesn’t permit to get a present for everyone. If you have a present, then we believe giving a card just finishes it off nicely. Writing a note in the card and spending the time to write a personal note is always appreciated. If you can't post a card or give a present for whatever reason, spend time on creating a digital card there are many great software products around today you can use OR just make one yourself in Canva (an easy FREE tool to use). And that way it's an easy send out to everybody. If you have a business, send a Christmas card in your newsletter to say thank you and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

3 The Gift Plan

We believe everyone loves scented candles, it’s always welcome gift and loved by those who receive one and it is so easy to organise, (click here to purchase yours). A great way to test your gift choice is to ask, ‘is this something that you would buy for yourself?’ OR 'would this bring value to them right now?' People often won’t spend money on themselves, and sometimes we hear people say ‘oh I was going to buy this for myself, but ended up getting for someone else! What a wonderful surprise to be given this by someone else for Christmas Day!'

Other types of gifts – could be funny, nurturing or something homemade, which are also a popular present for the day (and cost effective).

4 The Christmas Outfit

Planning our Christmas day outfit is super fun especially for the true believers! And we love this tradition because Christmas Day is all about celebration of family and friends AND feeling good about ourselves. What better way to feel good about yourself than to wear your favourite new outfit?

You can think sparkly, red, or green or gold, fresh white linen if you are on the beach with a beautiful hat that has some shells with gold of sorts would feel refreshing and fun to wear. Anything that is going to make you feel special and of course wearing your gift to YOU, is a perfect way to start the day!

5 The Christmas Playlist

This is often overlooked but very important because the mood is all around the music. You might like to start your Christmas Day with some carols or some Bing Crosby or Michael Bublé or classic Australian bands - whatever is your taste, just make sure that you put something together sooner than later. We believe it's always good to think about who is coming, if the family aren't into AC/DC or Kanye West, then maybe keep it a bit of a mix. So, it is enjoyed by everybody.

6 The Tree Refresh

The tree represents the evergreen, the sign of the undying life. Nothing could be more perfect to represent and reflect what the world has been through this year, so we love our Christmas tree!

If you don’t have a tree, then grab one and if you do, perhaps giving it a refresh is the answer. New tinsel, star or some new ornaments scattered through the old. Freshen up the display around the base. Anything that gives it a bit of a tree lift could make the world of difference... and don’t forget the fairy lights, the more the merrier so load them up into that tree.

7 The Calendar Check In

As we start to move towards Christmas, our calendars are going to get super busy, not to mention recently being out of lockdown for those of us in Sydney and Melbourne – everyone will want to connect! Right now, is a great time to plan how you're going to see your loved ones and your friends over November and December, then you can relax moving into Christmas, knowing that you've already sorted that out.

8 Work Responsibilities

Flowing on from the calendar check in, you must also integrate your work calendar as well. All of us need to do this, but if you're an entrepreneur or business owner, this is a really important time for you to honour what you need to do because it catches up with you quickly.

You may have heard the line ‘didn't you get the memo? It's Christmas!’ and we believe a lot of us relate to that part of us that doesn't recognise how quickly it's coming up. So, make sure that you spend the time giving yourself some time off over Christmas and having a look at how that may impact your business, your client commitments and your staff.

Make sure that you have organised any presents or messages and Christmas Greetings and have organised these sooner rather than later. You want to have a stress-free Christmas break.

9 Christmas Day Agenda

So how is your day going to run? Some families organise whether they are having Christmas lunch or dinner and whose home, months and months in advance, even sometimes the year before. However, because of COVID people have been leaving it open to see where we're at with restrictions. We think the sooner you can assess your options the better for you and everyone else.

Who's going to bring what? Food, pudding, bon bons, and perhaps the extra glasses needed? Who’s bringing the champers, wine, or beer? Who's bringing the relatives? Is it lunch, brunch or dinner?

Then inside what will be the decided mealtime, how is it going to run? Perhaps this time you could do something a little differently to celebrate the family, a collage of photos of family or messages – what could you do to lift everyone’s spirits and inspire them? Put your thinking cap on and reimagine your Christmas experience!

10 The Night Before Christmas

It’s the night before the big day and you're feeling kind of sparkly and excited. Why not sit down with your bubbles, vodka or crisp white and enjoy your Oscar Amherst’s luxury soy candle creating the celebration atmosphere with that perfect lighting and ambiance. So often we spend this time getting ready for Christmas, if you can possibility do it earlier so you can enjoy this very special energy of anticipation and reflect on the year that has been, honour how you’ve come through it and make a wish for your 2022.

11 The Meal

Organising the food you need for Christmas Day is probably the biggest thing to think about. Turkey? Fish? Prawns? Ham? Christmas Cake? All those things you need, who is bringing what dish, make yourself a list asap.

Another big part is the Christmas table is the setting for the whole experience. We want it to feel like this magical landscape of Australiana greenery, sparkles of light, rich golds and sumptuous foods inviting us for this explosion of abundance and joy. Don’t miss this opportunity to make people feel inspired and rich with friends and family.

12 The Digital Guests

This year we have become accustomed to Zooming, Facetime and other ways to talk to each other on video. Make sure you use that this time at Christmas for those who cannot be with you. Why sit around the computer like a meeting, charge a family member to be director and take your phone or computer from person to person to say hello. Perhaps put the phone or computer on a stand in the corner of the room, so they can see all the action. Then people can walk up naturally and say hi, this way they feel part of the whole experience.

Finally, light our ‘All I Want’ Oscar Amherst Christmas candle to honour them by saying you are all I want!

Hoping this Christmas checklist will help you have a Christmas filled with love and laughter from all of us at Oscar Amherst.