Making Christmas Special this year!

There has never been a Christmas like this one and 'All We Want' is to have some fun with the ones we love!

Yes, 2020 has been such a challenging year and as we continue to get our lives back on track, we can be grateful in Australia that we are nearly at a state of new COVID normal - yay!

It's now time to get ready for family and friends getting together and bathe in that feeling of warmth, love and friendship around the festive table.

Are you a last-minute shopper for Xmas presents, decorations and cards? Do you use the same old plan for the Christmas lunch menu and put up the same Christmas tree baubles as last year? (Although we MUST have our favourites!) If ever there was a Christmas to celebrate living in Australia and add some extra sparkle, with our beautiful beaches and unique countryside to explore these holidays, it is now!

How can you make this Christmas special? Here are a few tips:

Refresh Your Menu for Christmas Day…

Everyone loves a traditional Xmas dinner, however as it is usually super hot in Australia, there are a lot of people choosing seafood rather than roast duck - it’s a lighter option for the Xmas feast. There are so many festive options here……scallops in the shell, prawns, oysters, lobster, crab or baking a whole fish. Chefs such as Justin North and Matt Moran show how seafood can be served with style and flavour. It is perhaps a good idea to explore and research for ideas on how to present the dishes. The Art of Plating by Sebastian Simon is a great reference for making it exciting and different.



If you wish to include a poultry or meat dish, make it from a quality sustainable shop such as ‘Feather and Bone’ who believe in “…pasture-raised animals grown on regenerative farms… that play an active role in supporting better land, animal and human welfare.” Read more here You will be amazed at the difference in taste when you buy from ethical and free-range farms.

Combining a home-made Christmas Pudding with a mix of Australian Berries and fresh cream or yogurt is always a winner. Perhaps trying out some other more exotic fruits as well can add a point of difference. Many Australian homes have pavlova as a Xmas day must, and of course, decorating beautifully with fruit is a family tradition.

Add your own signature creation…oh la la!

Everyone loves to be known for some special dish. Is there a dish that you occasionally make that you just know everyone loves?? Make sure you include it and give it a special name. Perhaps refine the recipe and the presentation to make it even more special. There is a special non-alcoholic drink called “The Pominger” and it is full of ingredients that we love at Oscar Amherst – ginger concentrate, orange juice, fresh pomegranate juice and mint. So what is your signature Xmas day drink?

Time to Dress Up!

Dressing the table and tree - the favourite of many! So before ‘decking the halls’, It may be time to sparkle up those Christmas decorations. We all have those favourites that have been given to you by friends or perhaps made by children in your family and it's important to include those as highlight pieces. However, this year you may want to add a new colour - like electric green (lol)... what is the overall colour theme you are going for?

Adding natural flora always looks great. Using Australian natives like eucalyptus, and using Christmas Bush for colour is always festive. You may wish to add flowers to the table for added colour.

Gold always works with forest green so well. You may want to include touches of red to add some pop. Whatever your theme, make sure your new additions work in with your favourites. If you cannot splash out on a whole new set of decorations, perhaps just add one new element or colour to make sparkle it up….

And don’t forget the bonbons! Many people love to make their own – then you can personalise it by adding names and putting special tiny presents in them. Adding a personal touch can really make guests feel appreciated and special, which is what Christmas is all about! Here is a link to making an Australian sustainable bonbon:

How's your cutlery? Yes, it's time to inspect your cutlery, tableware and glassware to ensure you have enough matching (and crack-free) pieces for the table. Making the table co-ordinate in colours, and look festive can take time so allow yourself time the day before to get it all ready. The napkins are a great way to add colour, and of course our Oscar Amherst candle “All I Want” scented candle is a must to add sparkle and beautiful uniquely Australian fragrance.

Giving with care….

Remember to take time with your Xmas present list. If you plan ahead you can save time (and money!). Buy Australian-made to support local businesses, and buy sustainably to support our beautiful planet. A candle gift box is a great idea and our Christmas Pine candle is the perfect gift for candle lovers. Handmade and Christmas smelling candles like "All I Want" by Oscar Amherst tick all the boxes.

It's a Wrap….

It is always more impactful if you choose a wrapping, ribbon and card that fits into your chosen colour theme, and it looks amazing around the Christmas tree. Handmade wrapping and cards do make it extra special. If you need help with themes perhaps check out some ideas for Xmas themes on Instagram and Pinterest. It is also a great idea to list down all those last-minute tasks you need to do on the day so you don’t forget anything!

It can also be a great touch to tie it all up with an outfit for the day that works with the setting you have created. That may just be an accessory or a red dress.

This Christmas Day is a wonderful way to finish 2020 on a positive note so make sure you make the most of it for your family and friends, and for yourself! Remember that Australian Made is a great way to support your local businesses, and also that handmade items add so much more to a setting or gift. The wreath at your front door is the first impression your guests will have of the festivities that lay instore inside – so remember to make that special too.

At Oscar Amherst, we all wish you the best of times this Christmas. Stay safe, and spread love and definitely lots of sparkle!

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