How long is shipping? 3-5 Days within Australia

Can I ship internationally? Yes we can ship overseas to selected areas

Can I ship express post? Yes! You can book express, which is calculated at your time of checking out.

Is shipping included in the price? Yes! It's FREE Standard within Australia.

How long does the candle burn? 80 hours

How do I best look after the candle? Trim wicks to 5mm before each use; make sure the wick is upright and cantered

How long can I burn the candle for? Do not burn for less than 1 hour and a maximum of 4 hours. Cease burning when there is 10mm of solid wax at the base of your candle

What safety instructions do you advise for candle? Never leave a burning candle unattended; Do not burn near flammable materials; Keep candle away from children and pets; Do not touch or move the candle when lit or when the wax is liquid; Burn candle on a flat heat resistant surface; Do not burn near open windows or draftee areas.

Has the candle a shelf life? Like any product with fragrance... the best time to use it is quite soon after purchasing 12-18 months is optimum time for candle and scent. After then the fragrance will become less fragrant and the natural soy wax could discolour. It’s also important to cover the candle with its lid to prevent dust and dirt build up on the surface of the candle 

Does the candle get too hot to put on glass? As long as you cease burning the candle 10m from the base the candle should burn fine on glass surface. Always burn the candle on a heat resistant surface 

Is the candle made in Australia? Yes!

What is the candle made of? Soy wax 

It the candle all natural? Yes for the soy wax and cotton wick - the scent is a blend of essential oils and blended fragrances 

How should I extinguish the flame on the candle? Best to extinguish the candle by using the lid to suffocate the flame of oxygen